What languages are your books available in?

Our books are initially written and published in English, and made available for purchase via our website shop and also on Amazon sites. We have a number of titles translated and available on Amazon: "Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept" is available in Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, German, and French translations. Spanish editions of "No Means No!", "You, Me and Empathy", and "No Difference Between Us" are also available. Some books have also been translated to local languages and are available in: Argentina - distributed by Think Equal China - distributed by Memory House Greece - distributed by Minoas Editions...

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Can I obtain rights to translate and distribute your books in another country?

We’d love to hear from you and discuss how to get our books out to the children in your country! Please contact us to find out more.

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Do you accept manuscripts? Can you publish my book?

We don't publish anything we have not originated ourselves. This is a business decision that keeps the size of our company manageable and our publishing focused on the areas that we are interested in serving. We have very limited resources and must consequently avoid committing ourselves beyond that which our team can manage. There are a great many do-it-yourself and assisted publishing options available via the internet nowadays. Making a book (perhaps just a Kindle book initially) is very straight forward. Publishing a book is not an issue anymore. The problem is marketing and distribution. Typically the marketing of books...

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