Women Skate the World — empowering girls and young women around the world

Women Skate the World — a ‘Women's Skateboarding Program’ consisting of skateboard classes, non-skate educational classes and a youth leadership program, empowering girls and young women around the world.

We have gifted a Body Safety Education Teacher’s Resource Kit to Women Skate the World. Women Skate the World consists of two team members, Nanja and Amber, who met in March 2018 when volunteering with SkatePal in Asira, Palestine. They are both passionate about women’s skateboarding and using skateboarding to empower communities and build confidence in young women around the world. "When we spend time coaching these women, we see them progress and, in turn, support more women in their own communities to get involved in skateboarding. Seeing girls and women encourage each other to be brave, face their fears and keep trying, we know the work we do makes a difference to the women we meet."

Nanja and Amber are available to work with, and at skateboarding projects around the world, providing them with a ‘Women's Skateboarding Program’ consisting of skateboard classes, non-skate educational classes and a youth leadership program.


UPDATE November 2018: We received a lovely update from Amber —

Women Skate the World, using Body Safety Education resources gifted by Educate2Empower Publishing, to help empower girls and young women.

"We’ve had the Women’s program running for over a month now and it’s been fantastic! We’ve been so busy lesson planning and teaching and its been really wonderful to implement your worksheets and lesson plans." 

Women Skate the World are working together with Free Movement Skateboarding to deliver their Women’s Program. The program, coordinated by Amber, runs alongside the weekly girls’ skate sessions and covers topics ranging from body safety and boundaries to first aid and planet Earth and environment.

The Women’s Program has been designed to engage, inspire and empower girls, and create chances for individuals and their communities. The girls they’ve been working with in Athens, Greece, including refugees, are different ages, different levels of education and different levels of speaking/reading/writing in English.

"We’ve had to find ways to adapt the lesson plans… it’s been a success and a good exercise in problem-solving. For each activity, we try to have a few different levels so that it’s accessible for the whole class."

"Overall, the girls have really enjoyed the lessons. We did body bubbles in the skatepark, we split into pairs and drew a circle around each other in chalk. When our partners were far away we said come closer and then when they got too close we practiced our ‘No!’. We also looked at early warning signs, this is especially important for our girls because in a lot of the cultures that they’re from the focus is on physical effects rather than emotional."

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