Boys Who Twirl poster set

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This set of 8, A3 size full-colour posters (download only) seeks to break down gender stereotypes, and encourage adults and children alike, to celebrate traditionally perceived ‘feminine’  traits as traits belonging to all genders.

The posters can be displayed as a set or individually e.g. in kindergartens, schools, workplaces, and community spaces where both adults and children can view and discuss. Labelling children through gender stereotyping restricts all genders developing into their true and authentic selves. The posters focus on ‘boys’ so that both children and adults view ‘traditionally’ feminine traits as a strength, and understand that these traits will benefit those that identify as boys every bit as much as those that identify as girls. We know from research that gender stereotyping, where one gender believes they have power over another, forms the basis of domestic and family violence. These posters set out to break down gender stereotyping, so all children grow into caring and respectful adults.

Suitable for ages 3+.

There are 8 posters in the Boys Who Twirl poster set:

  • Boys who twirl... become men who dance
  • Boys who nurture... become men who are nurses, teachers and dads
  • Boys who draw... become men who are fashion designers, architects and illustrators
  • Boys who sing... become men who are musicians, actors and song writers
  • Boys who cook... become men who are incredible chefs
  • Boys who talk about their feelings... become men who do too!
  • Boys who care about others... become men who are kind and empathetic humans
  • Boys who can be themselves... become the men they were always meant to be.

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