Giving Back


Did you know... that when you buy our books or teaching Kits, you enable us to give back to the global community, providing opportunities for kids and families around the world who are unable to afford or access our books?

If you would like to help us do more of this work, please support us by continuing to buy our books (we have lots more to come - watch this space!), and recommend our books to your family, friends, colleagues, schools and communities! Please also engage with us on Social Media and review our books on Amazon - every little bit helps!

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Providing free resources for community education, action and awareness

Our My Body Safety Rules poster is a popular printable resource available for free download from our website. It has so far been translated into 9 languages! (Bulgarian, Danish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Mongolian, Romanian, Spanish, Vietnamese). We would love to get this poster out to more communities around the world - so if you are able to provide a translation, please get in touch with us.

Our videos collection includes an animated version of My Body Safety Rules for children, Body Safety for Adults (to help teach children), an AUSLAN storytelling of No Means No! for children with hearing impairments, children singing The Body Safety Song, and many more...

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Assisting educators in the child safety sector

We provide significant discounts to organisations or individuals involved in teaching body safety, child protection and/or child empowerment and ordering large amounts of books or teaching kits - please contact us to find out more!

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Some of the worldwide education initiatives that we are proud to be involved with, or have contributed to, are:

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Women Skate the World — a ‘Women's Skateboarding Program’ consisting of skateboard classes, non-skate educational classes and a youth leadership program, empowering girls and young women around the world.

We have gifted a Body Safety Education Teacher’s Resource Kit to Women Skate the World. Women Skate the World consists of two team members, Nanja and Amber, who met in March 2018 when volunteering with SkatePal in Asira, Palestine. They are both passionate about women’s skateboarding and using skateboarding to empower communities and build confidence in young women around the world. "When we spend time coaching these women, we see them progress and, in turn, support more women in their own communities to get involved in skateboarding. Seeing girls and women encourage each other to be brave, face their fears and keep trying, we know the work we do makes a difference to the women we meet."

Nanja and Amber are available to work with, and at skateboarding projects around the world, providing them with a ‘Women's Skateboarding Program’ consisting of skateboard classes, non-skate educational classes and a youth leadership program.

UPDATE November 2018: We received a lovely update from Amber —

"We’ve had the Women’s program running for over a month now and it’s been fantastic! We’ve been so busy lesson planning and teaching and its been really wonderful to implement your worksheets and lesson plans." 

Women Skate the World are working together with Free Movement Skateboarding to deliver their Women’s Program. The program, coordinated by Amber, runs alongside the weekly girls’ skate sessions and covers topics ranging from body safety and boundaries to first aid and planet Earth and environment.

The Women’s Program has been designed to engage, inspire and empower girls, and create chances for individuals and their communities. The girls they’ve been working with in Athens, Greece, including refugees, are different ages, different levels of education and different levels of speaking/reading/writing in English.

"We’ve had to find ways to adapt the lesson plans… it’s been a success and a good exercise in problem-solving. For each activity, we try to have a few different levels so that it’s accessible for the whole class."

"Overall, the girls have really enjoyed the lessons. We did body bubbles in the skatepark, we split into pairs and drew a circle around each other in chalk. When our partners were far away we said come closer and then when they got too close we practiced our ‘No!’. We also looked at early warning signs, this is especially important for our girls because in a lot of the cultures that they’re from the focus is on physical effects rather than emotional."

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ThinkEqual - international Social and Emotional Learning curriculum to disrupt the cycle of violence and discrimination

ThinkEqual has been gifted 4 of our books: No Means No!, You, Me and Empathy, How Big Are Your Worries Little Bear?, and No Difference Between Us to include in their Social and Emotional Learning curriculum. This curriculum is currently being piloted in Sri Lanka (where the books have been translated into Sinhalese and Tamil). Botswana and Argentina are the next countries in the roll out with more countries to come!

“THINK EQUAL believes that the earlier we start the process of imparting social and emotional learning (SEL) to children, the greater the impact on lessening disaffection and discriminatory behaviour as the child grows into adolescence and beyond. Therefore, we are supplementing the crucial work being carried out by civil society organizations with youth-focused learning programs, with a fully comprehensive, formal SEL curriculum. And we are, crucially, starting this learning from the age of 3.”

UPDATE November 2018: THINK EQUAL is a global initiative that calls for a system change in education in order to end the discriminatory mind set and cycle of violence across our world. With pilots already running in 7 countries, THINK EQUAL AUSTRALIA is working to bring the pilot to Australian kindergartens and early learning centres in 2019.


World Vision India - translating and providing books to families

We have gifted My Body! What I Say Goes! and accompanying activity book to World Vision India, who are working with their National Government on a campaign to end child abuse and exploitation by 2021. They are currently translating this book into 7 Indian languages and will do a print run of 1,500,000 (1 .5 million copies)! This book will be given to families free of charge in conjunction with appropriate lessons.


UPDATE August 2018: Over the last two months, the My Body! What I Say Goes! workbook has been launched by World Vision India in translated versions for Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, Bengali & Oriya with more planned for later this year!


Quidan Kaisahan, Philippines - teacher training in Body Safety and Respectful Relationships

27 Body Safety and Respectful Relationships Teacher’s Resource Kits have been heavily subsidised and sent to the Philippines to be used to instruct key teachers who will then go out and instruct other teachers on how to teach Body Safety to kids.


Iran - a Persian language version of Body Safety Education for parents

Body Safety Education: A parent’s guide to protecting kids from sexual abuse has been translated by a lecturer in Iran and we are now having it paged. This book will be made available in Iran for free.


Penang State Government, Malaysia - reformatting our free resources into a printed book for distribution

We gifted all of our posters and blog information to the Penang State Government who have developed a 50 page book from it to give away to families for education and awareness of Body Safety issues.

UPDATE - APRIL 2018 - the book has now been completed and launched. They have now published 10,000 copies (in English), receiving very positive feedback from parents and educators all over Malaysia. Translation into the local languages of Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese and Tamil are currently in progress.

The book was launched on 3rd April 2018 with a simple forum of approx 200 special invited guests from various industry and backgrounds. The 10,000 copies have been distributed to many different childcare centres, schools, kindergarten and organisations.

Published & Distributed by Penang State Government Exco For Women, Family And Community Developments
The e-book version can be downloaded from their website:


Vietnamese Women’s Museum - promoting safety and gender equality in their children’s reading corner

We have gifted a set of our books for the Women’s Museum in Hanoi. The books are available for children to read in the Discovery Room, which focuses on gender issues, gender equality, being safe in the 21st century, and more. There is a reading corner for children to spend time and peruse books in English and Vietnamese.


Kenya: Susan Karina educating kids in Body Safety in rural Kenya

We provided Susan with a Teacher’s Resource Kit which she now uses in rural Kenya to teach kids Body Safety. Coincidentally, Jayneen met Susan at the base of Mt Kilimanjaro while waiting for her daughter to return to base camp. They started talking and she told Jay she taught sexual abuse prevention education to kids. Wow! Serendipity.


Nigeria: Steadfast Love Foundation educating kids in Body Safety

We provided Steadfast Love Foundation with a Teacher’s Resource Kit which they now use in rural Nigeria to teach kids Body Safety.

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If you would like to help us do more of this work, please support us by continuing to buy our books (we have lots more to come - watch this space!), and recommend our books to your family, friends, colleagues, schools and communities! Please also engage with us on Social Media and review our books on Amazon - every little bit helps!

Disclaimer: Whilst our main aim at E2E is to give as many children as possible access to our resources, we reserve the right to choose the projects, organisations and gift amounts that we contribute to. We will try to provide assistance and resources where/when we can.