"Jayneen Sanders’ books do a wonderful job of helping parents to teach their children body safety and confidence in their own intuition. It’s sometimes not easy to talk about or teach these things, but it is very necessary living in the world we do.

This is where Jay comes in… with sensitivity, lightness and wisdom she opens up these important conversations and helps children better understand their feelings, their bodies, their boundaries and what being safe feels like."

— Maggie Dent, Parent Educator, www.maggiedent.com

"Jayneen Sanders’ fantastic Body Safety Kit is filled with age-appropriate resources and activities which make teaching this sometimes tricky subject easier for teachers.

Our school teaches Body Safety every year and Jayneen’s resources are an essential part of our program. The resources and activities can be used as a complete program or teachers can use the ones that meet the needs of their students or the learning focus at the time. There is simply no excuse to not teach Body Safety. Thanks Jayneen for creating these resources to support teachers to inform and empower children."

— Helen Basham, Assistant Principal, Mt Evelyn Primary School

"Jayneen has written a number of well-targeted books where children are taught how to be forthright in protecting their personal space, as well as how to get help in scary or confusing situations.

Written in a sensitive, yet empowering manner, Jayneen’s books cover a variety of topics where children learn how to how to understand their feelings, demonstrate empathy and develop the resiliency they need to emotionally thrive.

I highly recommend them for children, parents, educators and therapists."

— Dr. Gail Poyner, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, www.doctorpoyner.com

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