Key Body Safety Phrases -FREE POSTER SET

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These 16 Key Body Safety Phrases (4 phrases per page; 4 pages) correlate very closely with the messages and artwork characters in My Body! What I Say Goes! Second Edition. They are ideal for displaying in homes, schools and advocacy centres.

You can:

  1. Read My Body! What I Say Goes! Second Edition with your child, and then use these 16 Key Body Safety Phrases to further review and reinforce the messages in the book.
  2. Display the 16 Key Body Safety Phrases in a prominent place in your home so you and your child can refer to them often. These displayed phrases also send a clear message to other adults and older children that your child is educated in Body Safety and they are educated to tell!
  3. Make two copies. Cut up the cards and play Concentration.
  4. Have your child ‘act out’ each phrase — both using their voice and body stance.
  5. Have your child read the phrases to you. Unpack and discuss what each phrase means to your child.

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